Day off

Tuesday the last day that I have to be at my miserable job. As the seconds turn into minutes then finally to hours, the anticipation of finally calling it a week becomes almost unbearable. As I clock out, and say goodbye to the people that make this horrible place a little more livable I realize that I spend more time with them then I spend with the ones I love, the ones I trust and them who give me hope. When I finally get home, the house is empty, the lights are off and the silence, the silence is deafening. I look at my phone yearning for signs of the world outside, of hope that the people whom I care for still remember me. Then I realize that I’ve pushed them all away through my desolate job which leaves me with no time for love, lust or friends. I fall asleep as lonely as I woke up that morning. Waking up on that day that you’ve waited for for what seems to be ages somehow feels cheapened by the fact that you don’t have the warm embrace of the the one you think you love, getting out of bed that day you want nothing more then to go back to your miserable job, because at least there you can share in the misery off the lost souls who share the space with you.